Keeping Weddings in Sync.


How do I get an account? Getting an account is easy and free, just go to our home page and click on the Get Started Today button. Then follow the easy steps to create your profile.

I setup my account, what do I do now? It's now time for your to organize your first wedding with Bowtie Turtle. Go to your DASHBOARD and click on Organize New Wedding, then input all your clients details.

How do I create a client schedule? Under the Schedule heading in your client profile, click on the Add Location button. Now pick a label: Getting Ready, Ceremony, Reception that reflects the location. Then input all details need to finish the schedule.

Can I print a hard copy of my client profile and schedules? Yes, that's the best thing about Bowtie Turtle, you get cloud storage and hard copies when needed. Click on the giant print button on the left hand screen when you need to print client contacts or wedding schedule.

What can I do with the Files tab? The best thing with the Files tab is that you can upload documents or link URLs to your client's profile. This is perfect for signed contracts, scanned checks or miscellaneous notes that are important to the wedding.

Cancellation Your Pro Account with Bowtie Turtle is a month-to-month or yearly recurring membership with no contract. You may cancel at any time by switching back to a Free Account.

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