Keeping Weddings in Sync.

Bowtie Turtle

Bowtie Turtle is an easy to use application developed to help businesses in the wedding industry manage, organize, and coordinate client and event information. The cloud-based system keeps everyone informed with its instant access, sharing and updating ability. Bowtie is social to allow businesses to get help and feedback from tech support and its users faster. It is suitable for businesses with one to thirty clients per season. Network with vendors working the same event and start generating new leads. Join our preferred vendor list here.

We almost forgot…the name Bowtie Turtle came about from our love of turtles and fashion, bowties to be exact.

Ole Hongvanthong

Founder + CEO

Ole is one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in Central, PA. He began his photography career while in high school. His love for wedding photography developed after photographing his friend’s wedding at age 19. He launched his business full-time in 2008. Ole made history when he accepted to serve on The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce Board, becoming the youngest member. His expertise and hunger for innovation has enabled him to appear in numerous local publications and speaking engagements. He has been listed in Central Penn’s Business Journal Young Entrepreneurs list. His strong desire to make weddings and events easier to coordinate can be seen in the design of Bowtie Turtle.